In the introductory art course students explore a variety of art media and art making techniques! We learn about the creative process, taking risks, and exploring our intrinsic creative potential.

In the ceramics course students explore a variety of clay building techniques and learn about the ceramic process. Working with clay has therapeutic qualities and all students benefit from exploring this art medium!  Ceramics are fired in house in our kiln!

In the year long advanced art course students explore the relationship between public art and its influence on culture. Through the process of mural design we determine what message we would like to convey through our artwork, and how to successfully achieve our artistic goals utilizing the skills we gained during the introduction to art course. We take great pride in positively influencing the culture and beauty of our campus!


*Introduction to Art 

1 semester


1 semester

*Advanced Art/Mural Design- Selected by application

1 year

7th and 8th grade

Room 16

Visual Art courses are designed to develop and broaden critical and creative thinking skills. Students will be exposed to a variety of media to increase skills needed to produce
original artwork of their own.


To view past artwork and our digital school art gallery visit our Artsonia website!