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Dual Language Program

Our Goal

Our main program goal is to offer a rigorous curriculum interwoven with cultural experiences to facilitate the growth and development of biliterate and bicultural students.  

Who is eligible to participate in Dual Language Education?

All students may participate in a Dual Language program beginning in kindergarten or first grade. However, only English Learners with a high level of proficiency in English can be enrolled in a program of a different target language.

Can my child enter a Dual Language program at any grade level?

District Dual Language Education programs begin in kindergarten. English Learners of the target language may enter the program at any time. 

However, English speakers who wish to enter the program at second grade or above will be assessed in the target language. Their target language performance must be on a par with students already in a program. This will be determined at the school site.

  Quick Facts  

  • Our Program is 50% English and 50% Spanish.
  • Science, History, and Spanish Classes are held in Spanish. 
  • Students take Spanish as an Elective all three years.
  • Students must be in a Dual Language class to be CONSIDERED, and/or take the test.
  • Students who would like to enter the program must be able to read, speak, and write in ACADEMIC Spanish.
  • In 8th grade, students take the AP Spanish test to receive credit for High School and College, if passed with a score of 3 or higher.
  • Students have the opportunity to get the Biliteracy Award in 8th grade (must meet Criteria).
  • We attend two field trips per year.
  • Some activities we have are: Dia de muertos, Posadas, Dia del Nino (which include lessons and activities based on that celebration).